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Instruments and Hygiene

Manufacturer of a wide range of products which include Dentsply Sirona T3 Racer Borden, Dentsply Sirona DAC Universal, Dentsply Sirona DAC Professional, Dentsply Sirona X-Smart IQ, Dentsply Sirona Xive and Dentsply Sirona Ankylos.

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Dentsply Sirona T3 Racer Borden
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Dentsply Sirona T3 Racer Borden

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Product Details:
Warranty1 Year
BrandDentsply Sirona
PowerUp to 30 W
Non load speed400,000 RPM
Head diameter11.9 mm
Head height13.0 mm
Weight of high speed handpiece46 g
Driving air pressure2.3-3.3 bar

T3 turbines with quick coupling

The titanium-coated turbines of the ECONOMY class are easy to clean and have a good grip. Up to 23 watts of power and ceramic ball bearings ensure efficient work for a long time. In other words lasting efficiency. The all-rounder T3 Boost supports you efficiently during all of your work, while the T3 mini is particularly beneficial when you are working in the molar region.

T3 turbines with fixed connection

With up to 30 watts, the fixed connection turbine T3 Racer is by far the most powerful turbine in its class. The turbine is 100% German-made and the 4-nozzle spray is especially quiet and gives an ideal field of view.

  • Significantly more power with smaller head size
  • Good grip, thanks to titanium-coated/steel-coated outer sleeve
  • Durable ceramic ball bearings
  • Protective Head System (PHS) with dual anti-retraction stop
  • Without light

Work efficiently with the T3 ECONOMY class

The T3 ECONOMY class stands out due to its proven Sirona quality and great price-performance ratio.

Robust and economical
  • Titanized sleeve
  • Sirona quality at a low price
  • Extremly quiet due to 4-nozzle-spray

    Small, powerful, quiet
    • Superior view - thanks to small head dimensions
    • T3 Boost The all-rounder
    • T3 mini Extra small head

      Hygienically perfect
      • The Protective Head System (PHS) with dual anti-retraction stop reduces internal contamination
      • Sterilizable at up to 134 Degree C and thermally disinfectable

      T3 Boost and T3 mini

      T3 BoostThe robust T3 Boost does it all! The titanum-plated turbine stands out due to its ease of use and has the required power to satisfy every requirement.

      T3 mini - Do more with mini heads

      With the extra small mini head options you get optimum access to the molar region and a perfect view of the preparation site. T3 mini has an impressive head size (height 12.7 mm, diameter 10.2 mm) to torque ratio.

      T3 Racer with fixed connection

      Unsurpassed power

      • Up to 30 watts(depending on pressure of treatment center)
      • Work faster and more efficiently

      4-nozzle spray

      • Very quiet
      • Ideal field of view

      Quality made in Germany

      • Head and sleeve madeof stainless steel
      • Protective Head System (PHS) reduces contamination risk
      • Sirona quality at an attractive price
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        Dentsply Sirona DAC Universal
        • Dentsply Sirona DAC Universal
        • Dentsply Sirona DAC Universal
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        Dentsply Sirona DAC Universal

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        Product Details:
        BrandDentsply Sirona
        Dimension53 cm/35 cm x 38 cm x 37 cm (Height open/closed (with Standard lid) x width x depth)
        Power Consumption1.1 kW
        Compressed Air ConnectionInput pressure: 5.0 - 8.0 bar max, Short-term air consumption: approx. 60 NI/min. at 5 bar
        Oil Tank Capacity0.2 L
        Water Tank Capacity1.8 L
        Water ConsumptionApprox. 600 ml per cycle (Standard program)
        Water QualityLess than 3 microsecond
        Equipement6/5 instruments (unwrapped or solid)
        Weight23 kg

        Practice hygiene is becoming more important and is monitored increasingly. Ensure protection for your practice team and your patients without time-consuming manual cleaning, but rather with the DAC UNIVERSAL.

        The combination autoclave cleans, lubricates and sterilizes up to six straight and contra-angle handpieces as well as turbines at the push of a button. You can now also reprocess ultrasonic tips and handpieces, attachments for multifunctional syringes and solid instruments with maximum hygienic safety in the DAC UNIVERSAL.

        • Validatable process
        • Full flexibility
        • Gentle reprocessing

        Process control

        A cycle in the DAC UNIVERSAL can be documented in different ways. The following data will be recorded

        • Selected program
        • Date, time, current batch number
        • Actual vacuum, pressure and temperature values
        • Documentation of individual process steps
        • Confirmation of successful program completion
        • Any impermissible deviations

        Hygiene at the touch of a button

        The touch of a button is all that is required for the special lid to close and for DAC UNIVERSAL to begin its fully automatic decontamination program. Your instruments are then cleaned, lubricated and sterilized. This is how easy it is to eliminate potential handling errors and obtain perfectly clean results.

        Equipment options
        • Unwrapped instruments-For cleaning, care and sterilization of unwrapped handpieces, plug up to six instruments on the corresponding special adapters. Assemble your special adapters according to the instruments available in your practice.
        • Ultrasonic instruments, syringes-Ultrasonic handpieces/tips and multifunctional syringe tips are first cleaned internally and externally and then thermally disinfected. Tips are reprocessed together with the respective torque wrench.
        • Solid instruments-Place up to 5 solid instruments such as probes, mirrors and curettes (with no hollows) into the provided wire basket. The instruments are cleaned and disinfected (unwrapped sterilization).
        • Wrapped instruments-Individually connect up to three wrapped instruments with a spring clip. Before they are sterilized, the instruments have to run the complete cycle for unwrapped instruments and then be wrapped

        Protection and preservation of your instruments

        Proper care of your rotating instruments helps extend their service lives. The DAC UNIVERSAL lubrication system has been tested and approved by leading international manufacturers of straight and contra-angle handpieces and turbines.

        • Automated conditioning
        • Quick return to usage
        • Minimum capital expenditure in instruments
        • Low maintenance and validation costs
        • Reduced repair costs for the instruments

        Highest quality from a safe source

        Protect your hygiene systems and instruments By using our water treatment systems, you can extend the service life of your instruments and hygiene systems, as well as reduce repair costs.

        By connecting to the water treatment system NitraDem Direct Connect, you have a fully automatic water supply. This saves you manually refilling of the water tank, thus guaranteeing an efficient hygiene process. And, if you connect your DAC UNIVERSAL to a drainage system, the water used is automatically disposed of.

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            Dentsply Sirona DAC Professional
            • Dentsply Sirona DAC Professional
            • Dentsply Sirona DAC Professional
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            Dentsply Sirona DAC Professional

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            Product Details:
            BrandDentsply Sirona
            Electrical connection2,100 W / 220 to 240V / 50/60 Hz
            External dimensions42.5 x 48.5 x 63 cm
            Sterilization chamber25 x 35 cm
            Weight45 kg (without Load)
            Tank volume17 L
            Max load quantityInstruments: 5 kg; Textiles: 1.8 kg
            ReservoirFresh water: 5 liters (approx. 7 cycles); Waste water: 3 liters

            No matter what chamber size you choose, the DAC PROFESSIONAL class autoclave are a safe investment. Manufactured in Germany, certified production standards and a stainless steel chamber ensure extremely high quality and durability. Both versions are suitable for all thermostable items and types of sterilization, i.e., no additional sterilization device is required. Operator errors are a thing of the past with the integrated display and market-tested user interface.

            • Sterilization results can be validated
            • Works test included for simplified initial validation
            • Short operating times, easy-to-use
            • Variable loading options
            • Documentation possible via printer, NITRAflash or PC software

            Safe, reliable sterilization and ideal drying

            For years, bacteriologists have been emphasizing the importance of autoclave drying, especially where wrapped instruments and textiles are concerned. The deep post-vacuum of DAC PROFESSIONAL / DAC PROFESSIONAL+ is the ideal method for shortening drying times and complying with the stringent EN 13060 requirements. Utilizing additional sterilization parameter controls, DAC PROFESSIONAL / DAC PROFESSIONAL+offers the highest level of safety and should be an integral part of the basic equipment in every dental practice.

            Fractioned pre-vacuum-Fractioned pre-vacuum evacuates the tank repeatedly, alternating with an intermittent inflow of steam and, thus, ensuring the necessary, extremely effective removal of air, even from narrow-lumened instruments and porous sterilization items

            Post-vacuum for optimum drying-The deep post-vacuum of the DAC PROFESSIONAL / DAC PROFESSIONAL+is the ideal method for shortening and optimizing drying times.

            Process control-You can document all program cycles either with the NITRAprint log printer or digitally with the NITRAflash CF card. DAC PROFESSIONAL / DAC PROFESSIONAL+not only gives you perfectly prepared instruments, it also gives you legal certainty.

            Sterilization done in minutes
            In the quick program mode, unwrapped instruments are sterilized in just 20 minutes - including pre-vacuum and vacuum quick drying. That's why DAC PROFESSIONAL / DAC PROFESSIONAL+ is one of the fastest autoclaves in its class on the market.

            Always optimum water quality

            The integrated water quality control ensures that only the best quality water is used for sterilization. This guarantees smooth operation and protects your instruments.

            By using our water treatment systems, you can extend the service life of your instruments and hygiene systems, as well as reduce repair costs.

            By connecting to Sirona's water treatment system NitraDem Direct Connect, you have a fully automatic water supply. This saves you from manually filling the water tank, thus guaranteeing an efficient hygiene process. And, if you connect your DAC PROFESSIONAL / DAC PROFESSIONAL+to a drainage system, the water used is automatically disposed of.

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              Dentsply Sirona X-Smart IQ
              • Dentsply Sirona X-Smart IQ
              • Dentsply Sirona X-Smart IQ
              • Dentsply Sirona X-Smart IQ
              • Dentsply Sirona X-Smart IQ
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              Dentsply Sirona X-Smart IQ

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              Product Details:
              Operation ModeElectricity
              ApplicationOral Therapy
              BatteryLithium-ion battery
              Dimension iPad mini Protective CaseLandscape 209 x 140 x 86 mm Portrait 144 x 125 x 196 mm
              Speed range250rpm - 850rpm
              Torque Range0.5Ncm - 5Ncm (depending on maximum speed)
              Water ResistantIP 30
              Is It PortablePortable

              X-Smart IQ is a continuous and reciprocating cordless motor controlled by an Apple iOS application. In one cordless handpiece, you get a full-treatment solution that supports you through every step of your endodontic process - from patient education to treatment data. Through a custom iOS app, a digital ecosystem is created that allows synchronization of future products and immediate updates. Move freely and easily between operatories utilizing the easily portable, ergonomically-designed cordless handpiece.

              Portability and Freedom of Movement :

              • Slim, well-balanced and cordless, the X-Smart IQ handpiece sets the new standard in ergonomics and user experience.
              • Miniature contra-angle head allows easy access and excellent visibility
              • 360o adjustable contra-angle
              • The finger activated motor offers the same torque and power as a tabletop motor for the pre-set files
              • Continuous and reciprocating motion
              • Easy Bluetooth Pairing

              Full-Treatment Solution :
              Seamlessly combining the convenience of a cordless motor with the ease of use and intelligence of an iOS app, X-Smart IQ redefines the endo experience at every step of your procedure. This continuous and reciprocating cordless motor is controlled by an Apple iOS application.
              • Pretreatment - Engage and Educate Patients• If your patients have questions, help address and ease their concerns with the interactive app. Using the tablet makes it easy to engage with patients and educate them about the procedure.
              • Treatment - Flow through your sequence with peace of mind.• X-Smart IQ lets you flow through your file sequence with comfort, control and peace of mind. Within the iOS® app, select a pre-set Dentsply Sirona file sequence for ease and simplicity. Or, create your own file sequence and save your customized settings for future use. And, if your sequence calls for it, you can quickly switch from reciprocating to continuous motion.
              • Post Treatment - Treatment Data Capture and Transfer• Capture treatment notes including: tooth number, working length, last file used, obturation, and notes for a specific patient. Transfer your treatment report to your patient file.

              Future Capabilities :
              With app-based technology, X-Smart IQ is designed to grow with your practice. Stay up-to-date with new features, easily connect with future products and create customizable treatment plans based on your technique.
              Feel safe with the powerful capabilities of an iOS app.

              • Instant torque level indication: visual and audible sound
              • Auto-reverse function available in continuous and reciprocating motion
              • Calibration function (CAL) for more precise torque settings
              • Graph showing real-time torque applied to each file over time
              • RTTM Technology (Real-Time Torque Monitoring).
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              Dentsply Sirona Xive
              • Dentsply Sirona Xive
              • Dentsply Sirona Xive
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              Dentsply Sirona Xive

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              Product Details:
              Types Of ImplantSingle Tooth Replacements
              Body DesignSolid
              From the narrowest gap to the fully atrophied edentulous jaw, in hard or soft bone, from single-stage to two-stage protocols, from subgingival to transgingival healing, from immediate to delayed loading – with Xive, you decide which treatment concept to select.
              The Xive implant system is a well-documented system that has been in clinical use for 15 years. Excellent results on primary stability and immediate loading when using the Xive implant system are available.

              System highlights :
              Dentsply Sirona Xive is based on surgical and prosthetic site-specific requirements, according to your desired clinical approach for dental implant treatment. In support of this approach, Xive provides:
              • Excellent primary stability – atraumatic and gentle in dense bone, stable and secure in soft bone.
              • An internal hex connection interface with clear and accurate positioning of the abutment with six reversible positioning options.
              • A versatile range of implants including narrow, wide and transgingival options.
              • A sophisticated range of prosthetic treatment concepts supporting temporary, and cement-, screw- and attachment-retained restorations.

              Design Philosophy :
              Dentsply Sirona Xive is supported by more than 25 years of dental implant industry experience, including pioneering work and groundbreaking developments in the fields of immediate implant loading and implant surface design.
              • ActiveBone Control-High primary stability in all types of bone can be achieved by the patented combination of bone-specific preparation protocol and bone-condensing thread design.
              • Friadent Plus Surface-Grit-blasted and high temperature-etched microstructure accelerates rapid bone formation on the implant surface; this results in early osseointegration and high bone-to-implant contact.
              • Bone Care with Platform-Switch-Integrated platform switch option supports improved preservation of crestal bone levels with concurrent favorable soft tissue conditions.
              • Easy and Versatile Prosthetics-A range of prefabricated and patient-specific abutments provides versatility in prosthetics, both on implant and abutment level, including immediate restorations for any possible indication; internal butt-joint connection with self-guiding properties and color-coded or laser-marked components support error-free workflow.
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              Dentsply Sirona Ankylos
              • Dentsply Sirona Ankylos
              • Dentsply Sirona Ankylos
              • Dentsply Sirona Ankylos
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              Dentsply Sirona Ankylos

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              Product Details:
              Types Of ImplantSingle Tooth Replacements
              The Ankylos implant system is a dependable and well-designed dental implant system providing you with solutions that deliver long-term stability of hard and soft tissues, lasting esthetics and reliable functionality, which your dental patients will appreciate and Dentsply Sirona Implants as manufacturer backs with a lifetime warranty.

              System highlights :
              • The geometry of the Ankylos TissueCare connection moves the transition between implant and abutment to a central position. This integrated horizontal offset design establishes a broad basis for hard and soft tissue stability at the implant shoulder. In combination with the absence of micro-movement and the prevention of bacterial ingrowth, this enables long-term tissue maintenance.
              • The unique friction-locked and keyed TissueCare connection ensures such a precise fit of the two components that it allows for subcrestal placement of the implant and positive bone response, thus enabling the desired emergence profile, and transgingival healing. Ankylos is therefore able to provide the flexibility of a two-piece system while ensuring hard and soft tissue remain healthy and free of irritation.
              • The patented microstructured implant shoulder allows for bone formation up to the abutment. This supports the overlying soft tissue and establishes optimized conditions for long-term tissue stability and health.
              • Ankylos implant system has been scientifically and clinically proven to promote and maintain hard and soft tissue over time. Called the TissueCare Concept, this combination of unique features provides you and your patients with reliable functionality and esthetics.

              Tissue care Concept :
              • One-fits-all TissueCare connection
              All abutment sizes share one tapered connection simplifying the treatment protocol. A steep connection taper promotes friction lock without micro-movement, providing non-indexed prosthetics while off ering an indexed option.
              • SoftTissue Chamber
              The TissueCare connection and the micro-rough implant shoulder allow for subcrestal placement. In combination with a horizontal offset and the concave abutment design, a chamber for soft tissue and bone is created, supporting tissue stability.
              • The Friadent Plus Surface
              The grit-blasted and high temperatureetched Friadent plus microstructure excels by rapid bone formation on the implant surface. This results in early osseointegration and high bone-toimplant contact.
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